About Nukde

You might be wondering what “Nukde” means, how to pronounce it, or why I may have chosen a wolf as the motif for my blog.

Nukde is a spin-off of the Romanization for the Korean “늑대” (“neug-dae”), meaning “wolf.” I love wolves and see them as beautiful animals that represent much. In many cultures, wolves have a reputation of being intelligent and aggressive animals, and they may well be quite dangerous if protecting themselves or their pack. Calling someone a wolf might give off the impression of a person who can’t be trusted, who might betray, or one with alterior motives for their own gain.

However, wolves also are known to be highly social creatures, traveling together in a complex group unit or pack, each with a specific role, each loyal to the group and devoted to their family. In fact, wolves are known to nurture their own sick, share hunting knowledge with their young, and partake in friendly play together.

It is my hope that this blog might foster such a community or at least serve as a resource for those who share similar goals and struggles.

While I initially thought to create a brand removed from myself and hoped that others would find they can relate to the brand, I have since realized that people more readily relate to the individual, not the brand.

I am a person and this blog represents my thoughts and experiences, and I vow that it will remain so.

While a growing audience is always welcome, I’m not necessarily aiming to create “shareable” content that can be consumed quickly on social media. Personally, I’ve grown quite exhausted of most news feeds and the shallow excuse for content that shamelessly grabs our attention, wastes our time, and tries to make consumer brands “relevant”. For this reason, Nukde.com will remain ad-free in the hopes that it remains a space free of that which drains the soul of its life.

This means that gaining support to keep this site running and keeping the commercial tone minimal will be a balance I’ll try to maintain.

I’d like to engage at the personal level, with sincerity, and will do my best to share content that I believe reaches a certain depth or usefulness to be worthy of your attention.

I am a person hoping to inspire, find answers, and share my knowledge with you


Welcome to my blog, Nukde. I hope that you may find meaning and value here.

Thank you for reading.