Korean Language Resources

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Learning Hangul✍🏼 (start here if you’re a beginner)

1. SweetandtastyTV’s “Learn Korean with Professor Oh”

This playlist from 2008 does an incredible job of introducing Korean consonants, vowels, diphthongs, and numbers and the proper way to pronounce them (which can be tricky for a lot of beginning learners!) Watch these and written resources will seem much less intimidating. Check out Professor Oh’s other more recent videos as well – they’re pretty hilarious and are a fun way to learn about Korean culture.

2. 바른소리: Korean learning for correct pronunciation

Six simple interactive units that help you learn how to form and pronounce Korean syllables.

3. Korean Wiki Project

This is a more technical walkthrough of Hangul with some interactive elements.

Online Courses💻

1. KoreanClass101.com

I am a big fan of Innovative Language’s suite of language courses and Korean is no exception! KoreanClass101.com offers a very comprehensive online course that really gets you excited to learn Korean. By signing up, you get access to almost 2,000 audio and video lessons, Korean word of the day email, pathways catering to your topic or level of interest, and PDF lesson notes to boost your retention. This site serves as a fantastic motivator and viewing your progress will help you stay on track daily. I highly recommend it!

Online Tutor/Speaking Practice👨🏻‍🏫

1. iTalki

I first tried iTalki when I decided to brush up on my Russian and take it beyond the 10 year-old vocabulary I was accustomed to as a native speaker. iTalki is a platform where you can get 1-on-1 language instruction from native language teachers, usually through Skype. I gained a lot of feedback on my Russian speaking mistakes during my first intro lesson on iTalki and anticipate much of the same with Korean tutors. Each session is fairly affordable and having an accountability partner you pay for can really help keep you committed to improving.

Online Lessons👨‍🏫

1. Howtostudykorean.com

This was my go-to website for self-study during my year in Seoul because of its claim to offer everything you need to speak Korean (and I think it does a fantastic job of meeting this claim!) The site provides 6 units, each structured with 25 lessons, 3 quizzes and a unit test. While I’ve gone through all 6 units, I’ve kept an eye on this site over time and it continues to deliver great resources, like a new YouTube channel.

2. Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK)

A very robust site offering free online lessons (blog, pdf, and MP3/podcast format) as well as a growing library of materials in their online bookstore. I especially enjoy listening to the TTMIK podcast during my morning commute.

Video Lessons📹

1. Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean

In my opinion, Billy’s YouTube channel is a very down-to-earth, welcoming, and friendly nook for learning Korean without feeling intimidated. Billy walks through everything from basics (Hangul) to idiomatic expressions geared towards intermediate learners. I actually wish I had found his channel much earlier! Maybe you will find that his channel best fits your study style and personality. Check it out!


1. Integrated Korean by Klear Textbook

This was the textbook of choice when I took Elementary Korean at Emory University.

2. Korean Made Simple by GO! Billy Korean

Textbook series designed by the GO! Billy Korean YouTube channel.

3. Yonsei Korean

This is the textbook series I used when studying at Yonsei University’s Korean Language Institute (KLI). Most of the textbooks can be found on Amazon by searching Yonsei Korean “#-#” based on the level you’re looking for. Each level has a workbook supplement as well as a textbook focused on reading passages specifically.

4. Business Korean

Another textbook I bought at the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University. It is useful if you want to have a business-level proficiency in Korean.


1. Naver Dictionary

First recommended to me by Korean friends, Naver’s dictionary is used by both Korean natives and language learners alike. There aren’t too many phrases I can’t find on Naver, barring some Korean abbreviations (줄임말) and slang expressions. I love Naver because it is very generous with example sentences (which can serve to create context and better understanding!)

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